Hispanic IT Executive Counsel

The Hispanic IT Executive Counsel (HITEC) was hosting their annual Top 100 Most Influential Hispanic IT Professionals awards ceremony and ran a targeted digital media campaign with multiple goals:

  • to support event awareness and registration
  • to increase top-of-mind brand awareness
  • to target Hispanic IT leaders, reporters, and sponsors

With strategic planning, even a modest digital media budget can yield noticeable results. Case in point, in just a few short days HITEC was able to execute a Facebook ad buy which yielded:

  • Facebook page like growth by 10%
  • Delivery of 40,000 ad impressions to a highly targeted audience of over 9,600 individuals
  • Receive over 1,000 engagements on their Facebook page; which included likes, shares, comments and clicks to website
  • Over 250+ clicks to event registration page


Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 5.10.17 PM.png